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Jun 20, 2009
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Good Morning. I am a new member and I look forward to reading and contributing to this forum. I have been in the restaurant business for most of my adult life and am seriously considering opening my own business. Coffee house, cafe, milk bar - know. I have a great deal of creative juices flowing and I am a work horse to boot. I really want this and can not stop thinking about it, but I am realistic and am struggling through this financial climate with an optimistic eye in the hopes that this country will turn around.
In the mean time I do need to do my homework ie. business plan, can someone help me out with a good resource for a no fail coffee shop / milk bar business plan.
Two questions
1. how long can I wait to hire the much needed, expensive lawyer?
2. where can I find a checklist for what not to forget when starting up?
Thanks and cheers!
milk and bean


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Feb 28, 2008
Near Philadelphia, PA
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Hello "milkandbean"

Welcome to the Coffee Forums! You will find lots of useful information here. One great feature is the search option (at the top of your screen) that's where you can type in a topic that you're interested in and find all sorts of postings from forum members. It may be worth your while to do some exploring when you have some free time.

In addition to asking questions on this forum, there are plenty of books "out there" about starting and running your coffee bar. You may be able to borrow some from your local library or you can purchase them from a place like

Again, welcome to the Coffee Forums. We hope you'll visit often.