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Aug 9, 2008
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I''ve been searching all over and getting mixed messages, so figured I''d join what seems to be the most popular forum and get some direct answers.

I''ve recently bought a moka pot when with a friend looking for Greek coffee at the local Greek/Italian market. I saw the pot and thought it a great idea for a quick, strong cup in the morning. I am the only coffee drinker in the house so it seemed very convenient, even more so than my Senseo (be nice now, I''m new remember?) that takes up too much counter space.

OK, now my problem. I don''t think I am brewing it right. I will add pics of my pot and the coffee I''m using. From what I can tell, maybe it''s too finely ground. A friend uses this in a regular drip and it''s great, and says espresso, so I figured why not? (be nice to the newb :)) What is happening is that the coffee spits and sputters out of the top, instead of flowing neatly as I''ve seen it do on some You tube videos. If I open the lid at all during the process, coffee will spit everywhere. If I leave the lid shut, I have a cup of coffee, but it''s a little bitter. I like it, it''s good and strong, but I wonder if it would be better if I \"got it right\".

I am using cold tap water filled to the bottom of the valve. I fill the filter full of coffee, not tamped down. Top is screwed on tight. I have an electric stove and put it on high until it starts to sputter then turn it down a bit. The pot is positioned on the side of the burner, not the center to get full contact with the coils.

Thanks in advance on any help.






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Mar 15, 2008
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Hi and welcome to the forum.

I think that the main problem for you is using high heat. You should use low heat - it will take longer (5 to 10 minutes), but it should avoid the sputtering and make a better coffee.

I also think that you should try coffee that is more coarse. The grind should be rather fine but not powdery (definitely not an espresso grind) - maybe a little bit finer than regular drip grind.

BTW, if you really want a good cup of coffee, it's best to buy whole beans and then grind them yourself - it makes all the difference.

Hope that helps.