OPINION OPINIONS!!! Theme and concept testing here...

Juliann Castell

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Apr 25, 2006
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I have a vision for my coffee house that I'd like to test:

I'm going to open a coffee house - in a suburban community - in the middle of a development - literally surrounded by schools, parks and houses, houses, houses (not a lot of retail around because it's a newer area).

My coffee house will attract Moms, Dads, couples and of course kids at times.

I will sell espresso, coffees, ice cream and a simple menu.

OPINION? I plan on having chairs/tables and 2 couch/nice chair seating areas. I'd like to have a plasma tv on the wall to market "Apprentice Night" or "Survivor Night" or the like - some way of getting folks in in the evening for nice coffee/desserts. I'm also thinking Book Club meetings etc. as a marketing ploy. What do you think? Especially re: tv (not on all time of course - just for special times...)


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Feb 7, 2006
Somewhere in SoCal
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Since no one else has chimed in, I’ll put in my .02 cents worth. Go for it, but if it doesn’t work, drop it like its hot and try something else. Don’t get discouraged, just adapt to your market. I’m manager of a small coffee house that has tried dozens of things that didn’t work, and four of five that did. Be willing to experiment, but don’t get so emotionally involved that you can’t let go of and idea when it fails. My best idea that didn’t work-daily special flavored latte. The dumbest idea that works great: a dancing iced mocha. Actually it is a costume that is supposed to look like a milkshake, but I put a wrap around it that says “iced mocha.â€