Opinions wanted for Gensaco home espresso equipment?

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Jan 30, 2008
Memphis USA
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Opinions Wanted!

We just added Gensaco home espresso equipment to our site but we are not that familiar with thier equipment. We are offering home espresso equipment as a convenience as that is not our primary business. We do know they are a re-branded product of manufacturer La Nuova Era, an Italian producer of semi-pro espresso machines and that they are built in Milan, Italy. We would like to know their effectiveness, durability, comparisons with other similiar equipment etc.

Any opinions will be appreciated.



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Oct 17, 2013
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The owner and principal of Gensaco - Elvino A. Cagnardi is in prison for attempted double murder of his pregnant girlfriend. All of his machines are re-branded versions of other machines. All are somewhat supported by the original manufacturers. There were several original manufacturers.

I have a REAL early prototype of what he called Gensaco Mach 2.57 two brew group unit. Mostly made from Grimac parts. I am looking for sources of parts (such as a replacement brew group), should anyone have a source.


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