Original Luwak (Premium Wild Chivet Coffee)


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Jan 30, 2012
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Luwak coffee originally comes from Indonesia, and the best luwak coffee beans come from Aceh in the northern mountains of Sumatra. the island also the original home of Original Luwak. Also known as Civet Coffee, is made from coffee beans that have been eaten by small tree-dwelling animal, The Asian Palm Civet, the discriminating animal, which is choosing only the ripest and sweetest berries available.
The wild civet swallows the berries and they ferment in the digestive system where a unique combination of stomach enzymes breaks down the proteins that give coffee its special taste. The inner beans are passed intact, still encased in their protective hulls, then collected and thoroughly cleaned, dried and lightly roasted to preserve their complex flavour.
We are able to ensure that each and every cup of coffee is original, authentic, and the highest possible quality. We offer the rarest and finest coffee in the world, with a flavour complexity unparalled by any other beverage. Original Luwak is well worth the price for experience of an exotic and elegant taste adventure.

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