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Jun 5, 2012
Sumatra, Indonesia
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Luwak coffee is selected and consumed by the animal named Civet (Paradoxorus Hermaproditus) or better known as civet. Weasel is an animal similar to a cat, but has a more oval mouth and a longer tail, raccoons usually less accustomed to having human contact, he tended to stay away from humans. He preferred to roam at night, looking for prey and to come to a coffee plantation.

Not yet known exactly how many ferrets that live in the Gayo Highlands, but it can be said more ferret habitat is in tropical climates, the Gayo like this. Arabica coffee plantation in Gayo reaches approximately 85 000 ha, all of whom are smallholders. So no wonder the coffee plantation area as it also supports the production of civet coffee.

Weasel itself has a very keen sense of smell and has instinctively pick ripe coffee beans that have been perfect for consumption. Actually, coffee is not a staple food for raccoons, weasels himself only consume coffee as a dessert, so if forced by the breeding system, in addition to damaging the ferret habitat may also affect the quality of coffee produced


At first peel weasel coffee fruit with red mouth and discard the skin, after that he just swallowed the coffee beans along with the mucusthat is still protected by a leather horn. This process usually happens overnight, after fermenting overnight next day remove dirt and their weasel coffee beans that are still intact and still be protected by a leather horn.

Ferrets that live in the wild Highlands Gayo often consume foods other than coffee such as jack fruit, nuts, areca nut, banana and evensmall animals that live in forests, therefore civet droppings in clumps often we find various kinds of fruit seeds fruits other than coffee beans.

To obtain and ensure a pure wild Kopi Luwak, the collection and selection of the beans, we do very selective of Arabica coffeeplantations in the Gayo Highlands by applying patterns of cooperation with various stakeholders, especially farmers. Besides, we alsonoticed some characteristic possessed by a wild civet coffee that is not likely owned by other types of coffee.

100% Wild Civet Coffee Gayo

In running our business has always been committed to providing the best to each of our customers, especially with kemunian Kopi Luwak that we provide to you. We've got partners of farmers as a direct collection of civet coffee in the surrounding area in Gayo coffee plantation, we saw a number of attributes which only the wild civet coffee.

Green Bean Arabica
Water Value 12-13%
Defect 5
Gayo, Sumatra

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Dec 7, 2012
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I have purchase very small amount of Kopi Luwak and paid tons of money to very reliable source.
My experience was not as great as some of the people here.
I guess I was expecting something extra-ordinary and it only gave me experience of good coffee.
Nothing very special or something I never had type of experience.

I guess it can be like movie you heard about being great and when you went to see it, it was ok.... Just ok nothing special.....
But if I was the one who found the this great bean on my vacation, I would rave about it.... I guess.... ;)