Outside Food/Drink


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Dec 8, 2004
Billings, MT
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I am having some problems with my customers (some regular/some not) that are bringing in their lunches from another establishments or from home and then getting just a bottle of water and eating in my establishment. I do serve a small lunch menu (soup/panini sandwiches).

I don't know what to do? Am I making to big of a deal about it?

Since it is summer they are starting to take up my outdoor seating as well. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Thanks for your input. :eek: :)


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Mar 27, 2006
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Outside Food

We post signs stating that due to Health Regulations no outside food or drink is allowed and we enforce it. Would you want to get the rap for someone getting sick by eating something they bought elsewhere but ate it in your place. It has happened. It is also a negative image for other customers.


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Mar 22, 2005
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what morrisn said - signage is the best way to go.

sadly, it seems that we now live in a time in which many people use the lack of signage as some sort of loophole. i have a beautiful outside patio that includes a large, rustic fountain and dozens and dozens of beautiful plants including many rose bushes. before i posted signage parents would allow their children to climb all over the fountain and/or abuse it by clogging up the drain holes with twigs or dumping whatever they felt might float into it! i would have never guessed it before i purchased it, but fountains are absolute magnets for children - they simply can't keep their hands off of them!

i was also forced to post signage around the plants after i finally got tired of having bald rose bushes adorn my patio! it was crazy - people would simply snap off roses to take with them without a second thought! people - we are a piece of work!