Overpriced coffee in Sacto.....


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May 24, 2006
Elk Grove, CA
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I went to Orchard Valley Coffee on Riverside Blvd. I thought I'd save a dime or 2 getting a medium coffee compared to Starbucks. 1 Grande at S'Bucks costs $1.70....a medium at this place was $2.00!!
Hey...Sack of Tomatoes...My old home town...How's the old Java City??? Is their coffee any good? How do they compare with the two you mentioned here? As for price and sizes, which of these locations is more convenient for you to visit? You know sometimes you have to pay for convenience... :D
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My Reply.......

To reply to NW Java,...Quality and Service was about the same as Starbucks. But the pastry selection looked real good at Orchard Valley Coffee. Convenicence.....it's a PITA to have to look for parking in Land Park off of Riverside.
Java City has really good coffee. Now I live in South Sac, so no franchises there. :( But, Java City has expanded their coffee to a major airline and college campuses. They have 2 Java Citys on Sac States campus. Also, Sacramento State is building a new bookstore courtesy of EFollett, and they do have plans to add a Java City to the new bookstore.
I like to visit the original J.C. on 18th and Capitol. Good times......
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I stopped by Orchard Valley 2 weeks ago.......

:( They raised the price of a medium coffee from $2.00 to $2.25.......the good news...it was the best French Roast I ever tasted. :)
I charge $2.25 for a 16 0z coffee. the coffee is organic the service is the best and the cofee is always fresh. we never let it sit for more than twenty minutes . I bet I could charge $2.50 it''s that good. starbucks is barley worth 1.70 . and it not \" just coffee\"