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Mar 21, 2004
Michigan, US
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I have been looking at various packaging alternatives and would like some feedback or guidance. It appears that one can purchase certain types of package sealing equipment for between $300 - $500 US. Then there are the nitrogen flush systems that cost much much more. If a person's intent is to roast to order, is the nitrogen flush system necessary. In other words if the intent is to not have rasted coffee "sitting on the shelf" for very long is the regular package sealing system ($300 - $500) adequate.

Also, I assume that the one way valves work either with the nitrogen flush systems or without. Is that correct ?

Thanks for any thoughts.
Hello. My personal view is limited to the fact that I sell as fresh as I can. I find that a valve bag, sealed with a heat seal, is adequate. The gasses from the coffee force the remaining oxygen out of the bag once its sealed and thus slowing down the ineviatable (sp??) decay of the roasted bean. Nitrogen flushing is used by bigger companies... but their shelf life is often printed on the outside of their packaging to be 6 months or longer! In my case if the bean has not left my shop within 7 days its looking at bin time!