Please Help: Where to get Bezzera Magica maintenance service in Houston, TX?


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Nov 18, 2020
Hello everyone,

We moved to Houston, TX from Amsterdam a little while ago. We brought our Bezzera Magica E61 espresso machine (and Macap grinder).
The machine needs a regular maintenance service but after searching for a long time I can't find any company (or anyone) that can do this for me in Houston, TX.
I'm also okay driving to Austin or San Antonio if I can get my machine serviced there.

I also contacted Bezzera but they couldn't give me an address.

Does anyone know where in Houston (or surroundings) I can get a Bezzera Magica serviced?

I would be really grateful for any help I can get from this forum because I love my home made espresso too much to let the machine sit idle.




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Nov 25, 2020
Here are some options for you:

GEVA Premium Coffee 2750 Fort Royal Drive Houston TX 77038 (281) 999-9929 Texas
Htechs Houston TX (832) 296-6987 Texas
Impax Beverage Houston TX (281) 815-5555

You can find some more on our list of installers and repair techs. Hope this is helpful!