Possibly the weirdest question in the history of ever...


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Nov 4, 2007
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Hey. Newbie, first post, all that, hello. But I actually had a question that''s been on my mind on and off for like forever, and so I figured this was the place to post it, albeit a very odd question...

During, er, \"certian times of the month\", are women more receptive to caffeine and-or coffee than at other times?

My question is asked because I''m a regular coffeedrinker (more than \"regular\"; \"fiendish\" is probably a better word really), caffeine addict, all that. I make what I consider The Best Coffee Ever, very strong, very awesome. I can handle a lot of caffeine without getting sick-feeling from it... except during \"that time of month\" for some reason.

Then I get sick and jittery-shaking and dizzy after just one cup of coffee (granted, my cup of coffee is stronger than any espresso I''ve tried, but that''s beside the point). Two cups and I''m pretty much in paranoid-jumpy-giddy mode, whereas it normally takes me like five consecutive cups to get me anywhere near that (and, yes, I do drink that many sometimes).

At first I just figured it was due to what I had/hadn''t eaten with the coffee, or whatever, or maybe I''d made it too strong, but after several months of this happening, it''s just a little weird... And then last month I almost blacked out (tunnel vision and headspinny and seriously shakey, it was insane) for the first time ever while that was happening, so...

So, yes. Questiontime. So I know what not to do next time, if it''s true. :p

Thanks y''all. And as an aside the forum is really interesting, and I''m glad I stumbled upon it at random! <3


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Feb 3, 2008
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Just a guess...

This is just a theory and could be total hogwash, but perhaps it will give you a direction for investigation. What occurs to me is that coffee tends to increase your blood pressure. If your blood pressure is already high during certain times, perhaps coffee is making it too high, and that is what you are experiencing.

In any case, I would be pretty concerned about having the sort of reaction you describe when drinking coffee. It seems like a pretty loud signal that something is not completely okay and I'd want to get to the bottom of it.