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Oct 4, 2004
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I am starting up an espresso bar in the southeastern Pennsylvania area and am in the process of writing up a business plan. I was curious as to how you can go about predicting daily and monthly sales when there is not really any competitors in the area. The books I look at so to go and count the customers. Would it be semi-accurate to go to a coffee shop that isn't exactly in the vicinity of where I would open mine?

I just finished my business plan...thank god. We used traffic counts, which can be obtained through the realtor or business owner of the location site, or in our state, IL, the Dept of Transportation had a map program which displayed traffic counts on any street. Very useful tool :)

Sales forcasting can be done by using 0.5%-1% of traffic count times average ticket $$. We live in a fairly conservative area, so we used 0.5% of traffic count. Good luck.