Question about roasting


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Jan 6, 2009
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I admire Eddie Dove's understanding of coffee so much I have hard-copied much of what he has to say.
I have just started using a Gene Cafe Roaster and try to follow very carefully his trail blazing. For example, 300 to 5min, at 5:00 set to 435, at 10:30 set to 456 to the end. End is 15:00.... But Tom has published George Steinert's Roast/temp Chart....City+=435 Full City=446 Full City+=454

My question is: when roast reaches 10:30 and I want Full City should I not be setting 446 as max?
Sorry I am unable to hear cracks so that is not the answer.

@nd question: I'm trying to emulate Tom's aroma and taste sensations...Will coasting during cooldown destroy some of the floral sensations as it coasts? Do I stop at 15:00 and hurriedly dump beans out and rush container back into unit to finish cooling cycle?

Thanks from a Noobie(and unable to reach Eddie thru email) but you folks will help with general suggestions I hope.