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Jul 17, 2015
Hello folks,

Here is my quick story followed by my questions: I have been home roasting on a Behmor for about 4 years and have roasters approximately 300-350 lbs. i have given almost all of my coffee but eh small amount keep for myself to my friends from a local craft wine and beer bar. After time, people have wanted more. I couldn't sell legally. As i am located in Florida, i finally got an LLC and am operation out of the Florida cottage law. This allows me to make a little profit, not to exceed $15,000 per year. But the talk is good. I will launch in Aug 1st. and do very small batch orders for friends.

BUT- I have the opportunity to go very big. I am delivering all of my roasted coffee to a good friend of mine who owns a craft wine and beer bar with perfect space for commercial roaster. He is very excited to offer roasted coffee in the mooring as he pays a lease for the spot but only uses it from 2pm on.

While I roast on a very small level, and an really geeky about it, is this a good idea?

If so, i have a company, my permits, my insurance etc. but what roaster to get. it would need to be a showpiece, as it would be in the large bar area. there are great leather couches and a lounge area with a wine distribution system that the roaster would be located in. I have guaranteed orders on approximately 160 lbs a month before any special orders. i can guess 100 lbs a month of demand at first, then perhaps 300 lbs additional on top of my contracts for 200 lbs a month.

hopefully im not the first to do this.

IF so, what roaster should iloko at?

Am i the first to do this?

Is there something or someone i can talk to that may save me a miserable fate of failure?

Thanks, all,


John P

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Jan 5, 2007
Salt Lake City

Roasting on an actual commercial roaster and roasting on a Behmor are not anywhere the same thing. While your love for roasting will give you an edge, you still have to invest the time to do it right.

Having the roaster be out in the open, as a showpiece, in Florida is pure foolishness with the humidity there. It can be enclosed in a room with glass walls if you want, but the temp and humidity should be controllable otherwise roast consistency will be a big problem. Focus on the roasting.

Maybe a 5-12 kilo. Somewhere in that range so you can grow, but still do reasonable small to large batch sizes.
Choosing a roaster is a highly personal decision. Budget? Reputation? Gas or IR? etc.
We can throw out names, but if you are spending $30 to $80K on a roaster set up with afterburners, venting, etc...
Do your research. It's your money. Spend it wisely.

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