Roast curve importance


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Perhaps I am still too green....

I am home roasting with aspirations to go pro sometime soonish.

The question I have is, I think, straight forward; How important is the roast curve?

A little back story, I started a few years ago with the tried and true stovetop popper. With that I always saw the drop in temp one expects and then a gradual climb 'til completion. Well, my arm gets tired so I decided to "upgrade" to a unit with time/temp controls. I chose the Gene Cafe. It's new and seems somewhat unconventional but I read good things. With the GC there is no drop in temp as the controller is constantly trying to climb to the set goal. Also, you really can't preheat with this units design. Is this drop as important as I think it is or just a by-product of manually heating with gas?

I thank you for your time and input.

For full disclosure I also posted this on the Roasters Guild board but the more input the better!