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Aug 11, 2004
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Welcome to the Coffee Forums. We try to keep this place free of spam and more conversation based. Everyone who uses Coffee Forums website is in it for the good and doing it together. This is an information site; because information is free this board is intended to be free. Please read over the following rules so we can keep this web site a better place.

The staff of Coffee Forums administer and moderate this forum. The forum is open to everyone for free. Upon registration every user agrees to these terms and is obliged to follow them.

The Moderators are responsible for keeping the forum rules and ensuring all threads, posts, and comments that are posted in this forum are clean and safe. Users who post indecent, or otherwise inappropriate threads, posts, or comments, are subject to punishment. Punishment rests upon the shoulders of the Moderator who found the problem. If needed an Administrator can be requested to resolve any disputes.

Moderators reserve the right to issue infractions without prior notice or warning.

Moderators are not obligated to answer questions, this is done voluntarily.

This forum is free for use for anyone who wishes to use it. When using this board, members must keep conversations polite with other members. Flaming, insulting, bashing, and any other form of harassment will be punished.

1. No E-Mail excerpts of any kind are allowed in posts. The reason behind this is that its contained in the little buttons when you post so members can easily see your e-mail address if you allow for it to be seen

2. URLs posted must be accompanied by quotes and or discussion. Website address dropping or spamming is not permitted. We have opened a section of the forum for Business to Business B2B where URL dropping or blatant Coffee related company listings are allowed. Please refer to line 8 for more info.

3. Signing your name is allowed, however URL dropping in signatures is disallowed and will be removed. Your profile can contain a URL; however, it may not be referred to.

4. You are responsible for your own posts and agree not to hold the admin, the poster, the host or anyone else liable for any messages posted.

5. You agree that you will not copy or retransmit any of the information from within this site without first achieving permission of Coffee Forums and the original author of the message. That's our standard legal stuff.

6. Posts containing Ganoderma also known as Gano, whether it deals with coffee or as an additive to coffee or any other products will not be tolerated. Offenders can be barred to as little as one week and to as much as a permanent ban. Ganoderma has caused too many issues on this forum and the amount of flaming has become ridiculous. It is with much regret that I have terminated this one subject, but it is better to kill it now then to lose good members over the arguments it creates.

7. Forum trolling is permitted but please try to keep in mind that threads older then a year or so typically will not be answered. If you have a question regarding a certain thread feel free to start a new one and copy the link to the old thread as a reference.

8. If you are selling business related products to other business or trying to sell equipment of any type please post that material in the Business to Business B2B . If you have coupons, deals, links to special items on sale for our individual members please post in the Deals and Specials forum. Both of these forums have now been moved and can be found in the Community Board category at the bottom of the main forum.

We reserve the right to edit any and all content posted on and within this site. Rules and conditions may change at any time.
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