s Seattle’s Best Coffee Any Better than Starbucks?


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Feb 10, 2008
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Whenever people talk about coffee, it seems that they like to make some kind of comparison between their favorite brands or blends with what Starbucks offers. Perhaps it is because Starbucks is such an easy brand to compare to since practically everyone worth their weight in coffee beans has had a piping hot cup of coffee at Starbucks at some point in time. Whatever the case, here is yet another comparison of a brand of coffee versus the current coffee champion – Starbucks.

While Starbucks is the reigning king of the hill in Seattle, there is actually another, slightly lesser known coffee company that has come from the same northwestern coffee capital of America. Known as Seattle’s Best Coffee, they have been around for nearly forty years and have been making an amazing cup of coffee ever since. Although Seattle’s Best Coffee has gone through a variety of name changes, including brands like Stewart Brothers Coffee, it has keep the same amazing blends on its menu throughout – so they must be pretty darn amazing.

In 1998, Seattle’s Best Coffee became one of the first coffee retailers to actually sell a blend that was specifically made up of organically grown beans – a major selling point for many people. This blend became so successful that it propelled Seattle’s Best Coffee to a position as the third most prominent coffee retailer in America for a time, competing with the ever present Starbucks and the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

So, despite the extensive history behind Seattle’s Best Coffee, is it really the better bang for your hard earned buck? Well, that really depends on taste. Sure, it costs quite a bit less when you buy it in their stores and even when you purchase a bag of beans at the grocery – but ultimately the taste really has nothing to do with the price. Give it a try, see how you like it, and then make your own decision about whether or not Seattle’s Best Coffee is really Seattle’s best coffee.

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Jan 5, 2008
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CCafe said:

Took a few minutes to find the original article. This is the 2nd article you have completely cut and pasted.

And the original is poorly written and inaccurate.