Saeco EASY - Gaggia Syncrony Compact checkball problem?


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Aug 5, 2023
Pittsford NY
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I own both Saeco Easy and Gaggia Syncrony Compact espresso machines. The brew groups appear to be identical and interchangeable. The Saeco grinds and packs the puck. The pump starts but then turns quiet, not silent, as it attempts to finish the cycle. No espresso or water is dispensed. A wet puck is in the discharge area. No water or coffer are in the tray. The steamer works fine. If I exchange the brew groups and put the Gaggia brew group in the Saeco, the Saeco works fine. I think a friend trying to solve the problem may have lost the spring and checkball that sits inside the round part into which the fine, round metal filter with the small holes is screwed. Any parts, help or suggestions would be welcomed. Thanks.