Saeco Incanto Sirius Error:"Fill Coffee Cont"-but


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Feb 6, 2006
Western Australia
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Hi everyone

I have been trialling some different coffee bean blends from a local West Aust roaster. Have had no problems with my machine (Saeco Incanto Sirius).

When I put Espresso blend in - it works fine. When I put another blend ("Midnight Oil") in - it grinds for a while, starts to go to the next stage, then says "Fill Coffee Cont." and stops. It is like it is saying the coffee bean holder is empty - but it is not. I tried taking these out and putting Espresso back in - worked fine again.

I have tried changing the grind grade settings - but makes no difference and don't know what else to do....

Problem - it is 630am in the morning - have run out of Espresso and need to get a coffee into my system ASAP......AAAAH :cry:

Any suggestions?