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Dec 8, 2004
Hello all,
my name is Janko and my english is very bad ;)
in Germany I am "domestic-appliances-technicians" (is this the right word *g*)and have there an InterNet side for free support. As far as I can say with my bad English, I am gladly ready to help. Look in addition on my site Repair-manuals also to other devices one can also downloaden there. In the forum further experienced technicians are those gladly to help can with technical difficulties...

Translate with google :-D



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Jun 1, 2021
It is very good that you are developing, have a website for your business and so on. But this is an English-language forum, and your site is in German. I even if I needed would still not understand anything there, as most visitors to this forum who do not know German. You may need to translate your site so that you can reach a larger audience and increase your customer base. Link it , here you will find a lot of good translation agencies with the reviews to them. I think it is very useful site because there you can also find all the general info and prices. They will probably help you with your site.
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