SOLD: 2,4kG shop/pro-lab roaster FZ-94 + smoke/ odor trapping system

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Jun 27, 2016
The Netherlands
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Fellow coffee roasters,

Because of change in business I have for sale this 2,4kG shop/pro-lab roaster FZ-94 from Coffee Tech Engineering including smoke/ odor trapping system. The roaster is approximately 2 years old and the filter 1 year. The roaster has been used 2-3 times a week for 2-3 batches at a time. So not very heavily. I also had the roaster checked mechanically to ensure the quality for the new owner, for this same reason the heating elements have been replaced with brand new ones.

The roaster has full drum speed and airflow and temperature control, the three heaters can be turned on or off individually as desired. Both filter and roaster use 240V~ 50/60Hz.

The new price for this set is €16.000,- ex VAT. Keeping in mind the usage and parts I'm currently asking €11.500,- ex VAT or any reasonable offer.
If you have any question or would like some more photos, feel free to contact me.

Kind regards,


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Good night The coffee Engineer:

My name is Ivan Alfaro and i'm very interested in your FZ-94 and Avernaki, please may you give me your email to talk about this?
Thank you very much

Ivan Alfaro
+33 07 81 79 68 59
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