SOS help the roaster.


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Nov 12, 2005
Tbilisi Georgia
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Guys! I would be very thankful if you could advise me about the following: I am opening a coffee roasting boutique (with a roaster, Roasted coffee silos, green beans barrels) in the entrance of hypermarket. Just next to me they sell flowers, really lots of flowers. It is really next to roaster, as the distance is just 1 foot. I am interested if the smell of flowers can damage or somehow influence the aroma of the coffee. I am not a beginner in roasting, but have never experienced such problem. I have other shops in their supermarket chain but there I have no such problems. Here too I chose other place away from odors, but the place next to flowers is really perfect for coffee sale. Hope to have your comments/advise. Have somebody experienced such a problem?