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May 28, 2004
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We are looking at some super autos and I have some questions that hopefully someone could answer-
It looks like I have it down to 2 different machines-the Astra 2000 or the Nuova Simonelli. The Astra has come highly recommended to me, but is roughly $1000 more expensive. Also, I think that the Astra is built in America. Any recommendations or warnings about either machine would be appreciated.
Also, we are going to be away from power and will need a generator. The Nuova comes in either 110 or 220 volts, while the Astra is only 200V. It looks like the output is the same for either voltage, so I am wondering what the advantage is to buying the 200v. We are not sure what our sales will be, but I cannot imagine that we will not come close to the 180 drinks/hour that the 110v produces.
Finally, I am looking to purchase from Zaccardis in New York. If anyone has dealt with them, it would be nice to hear how it went.

Thanks and I look forward to any info that you can supply
I believe the term is

Baller STATUS!

I don't know squat about those high end super auto except that the Nuova Simonelli is beautiful looking.

I've bought some accessories from Zaccardis and they've been fine. I bought my super-auto Saecom from WLL/etc and their service has been above and beyond fantastic.


Keep on looking and asking questions!

My search suggest Great Coffee comes from high temperature brewing. Jura is the best from my search, the S7 is scheduled to arrive tomorrow.
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Is the Jura7 a home or commerical machine? I have read a few postings that have been positive about Jura machines, but just assumed that they were home machines.
Jura Capresso is a home machine, matter of fact if you decide to use one in a commercial application they will void your warranty. Now the Jura X series not sold by Capresso are intended for commercial use. They also come with a commercial price tag as well.
I have reviewed the Astra 2000, and compared it to the Nuova Simonelli Microbar of which I have experience with. The differences are quite large. The NS has 2 .7-liter boilers vs. the Astra with a 4.2-liter boiler. I think the trade off is going to be with the NS even though one of it's boilers is for steaming, I don't think it can take on a boiler more then double it's size. The NS just seems like it doesn’t have enough steam for large applications, as in when you have a line and you decide to steam a very large pitcher of milk.

The NS also comes with a very small bean hopper and if you get busy you can't see it when it runs out. What you will see is a water shot or a very weak looking espresso when the grinder runs out of beans.

I was looking at the specs on the Astra, it looks like it was intended for a shop location. The NS has a water reservoir and can be run off a cart. The NS has an option to connect to a water line. I also noticed the Astra comes with a Procon pump adjustable to 9 bars. The NS has a 15 bar vibrating pump. 9 bars of pressure is required to make espresso. A 15 bar pump will make espresso too, but it won't be as good as a 9 bar pump.

I have never used an Astra 2000, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't like too. From the specs it would seem a better machine. But Grindmaster is also an American company, and their espresso machine (Espressimo 1700 & 1750) is a flop! If you ever open it up and look inside you will scream when you see pipes running everywhere! That and they heat the group head with an electric element. So I would be cautious on that side.

I might suggest a La Cimbali M2. It is very new, works kind of like the NS, as in it to uses a worm gear to drive the group. Less chance to break down. It also has 2 grinders for decafe and regular espresso. It has a Turbo steam arm that will shut off when the proper temp has been reached defaulted at 160 degrees. It is 220 volts machine, but can be ranged from 200 volts to 240 volts.

For more information please Private Message me.

I do like the Nuova Simonelli, it just seems that it could be made better. I think when they were designing it they had portability in mind. You can literally unplug and walk away with this machine, granted it weighs almost 75lbs when it is loaded with water and beans. From what I can see with the Astra 2000 it looks like it could be a great machine though the drain tray seems awful small. I think this is their website.

From what I could see here, I really don’t like design of the machine. It seems boxy, very straight lines and contemporary. I kind of reminds me of a Franke. The La Cimbali M2 is so new there is really nothing on it. I did a search on the net and couldn’t find any thing. But I will say that my distributor is backordered. Word of mouth has really spread and it seems everybody who has seen it in action wants one.
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Thanks for the info. I do like the Astra more than the NS, but I will be mobile and the Astra seems to be a big, heavy machine that needs 220V and plumbing. I was looking more for 110V and pour over models if possible, whch is why the NS caught my eye. But the machine does not have the output that I hope we will need.

The La Cimbali machines seem to be on the expensive side. I have a local distributor who has the super auto model for sale with a price tag of around 16,000. Way out of our price range.