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Apr 11, 2004
Dunedin, FL
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Hey, It's me Ruben Simpson, "The Coffee Man". It's All Good Baby! For those of you that know me, What's Up Man, for those of you that don't, where you been, under a rock?

I am the host of the ever popular The Coffee Man Show in Tampa on WTAN 1340 and LIVE On-line @ every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Hillarious replays of the show can also now be heard on The Internets Premier Radio Network, InstantFM @

The show is about Coffee, Love and the Love of Coffee baby! We have celebrity guests, coffee experts and weird ass guests every show. We guarantee that you'll laugh so hard you'll pee your pants!

Where else can you learn about specialty coffee, tantric sex, colon therapy and yoga all in one hour? If your a coffee fan you gots to go to and check it out!

It's All Good!

Lot's of Love Baby!

Ruben Simpson
"The Coffee Man"