The perfect domestic machine that beats the competition


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Oct 24, 2007
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Hey people I just wanted to let you all know that if you are looking for a reliable manual group domestic coffee machine that makes a perfect espresso, I purchased a Vivi and I don’t think its listed on their website but they do sell it anyway. It cost $2,990 INC GST. I can throw my Saeco rubbish out the door now!


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Oct 18, 2006
Old England (UK)
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I agree, damm fine machine and although I don't know who you bought it from, there was a chap I knew named Chris, who I introduced to the machines and I believed he was going to become a distributor.

If it was Chris, please pass on my best to him, as we lost contact and let him know I can be found on my forum Coffeetime, in the UK

Presumably you bought the updated MKII Vivis (a few subtle changes), I did a review on both Vivis and the updated review is on a UK ditributors web site called Bella Barista, you just need to have a search for it.

These machines are quite well known now in the UK, where they have been sold for a long time and more recently have been selling well within the US. Why I like them is the very high quality stainless steel construction, E61 group and great internals. The Vivi for example is about 22Kg+ and much heavier than most comparable domestic prosumer machines.