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Apr 30, 2006
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I am having trouble deciding on a thermal carafe brewer, and look to you experts for a some direction.
I have 2 that I am interested in, but neither is "perfect"
I like the water filtration, but it uses a built in reservoir. ... emaker.cfm
No filtration, but has a removable reservoir.
I don't really care for this one, but include it for another option.

I welcome any feedback to help me decide on a new brewer. Any additional recommendations?
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Is the charcoal water filter worth loosing the added convenience over ?
I use normal tap water here, so my answer most likely is yes.
My coffee normally tastes quite good, but the biggest problem I have is scale build up.
I have the Bosch and am really happy with it. I have filtered water from the fridge and at my sink. No need for another filter to replace, and the removable water carafe is really handy. Another and bigger plus for me is the carafe is glass and does not alter the flavor of the coffee. In my humble opinion, a stainless carafe makes the coffee bitter.
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I ended up getting the Bosch also. I do not use filtered water with it, but I have been very happy with the flavor of my coffee. It can sit for hours and taste the same, and the carafe will keep it warm enough to drink for nearly 2 hours also.