Thoughts on Coffee Trailer in the morning and Shaved Ice by night?


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Dec 27, 2016
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Hi there!

I just purchased a 14x8 concession trailer equipped with full inventory for a shaved ice/snow cone business. My intention was to convert the trailer to a full espresso bar trailer.

I live in central Texas. It's hot from March to October, November is pushing it. I plan on parking the trailer in front of a famous BBQ Trailer that is moving into the building it is parked on at the end of the year. They sell over 150 breakfast tacos during the week from 8:30 - 11:00 am and have about 50 -75 customers in the afternoon. On the weekends they serve over 300 people.

After dabbling in numbers and this location it seems like shaved ice is the way to go but that is not my passion nor background you assumed coffee is. Now, my question for you all is, would it be odd to sell drip-brew and cold-brew in the mornings, then shut down after 11:00 am and reopen later in the afternoon to sell shaved ice?

After October, I would equip the trailer to sell only espresso based drinks and drip-brew. I have been working on an extremely detailed business plan for a coffee trailer over the past year. I have every detail down to the T! I have started doing light research on shaved ice and have talked to two owners already.

I would like any thoughts, questions, or comments! In return, if you have any questions about marketing, social media, public relations, media, etc feel free to PM me because thats REALLY what my background is in LOL. Thanks!