Tim Horton’s


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Jan 4, 2007
Being Canadian eh…
Tim Horton’s coffee seems to rule in most areas in Canada.
People love their Tim’s coffee & go out of the way to get it.
This is a coffee chain that offers just on type of roast you can’t buy mild or dark roast.
Their taste profile seems to do well in Canada. Most people I talk too don’t care for Starbucks type of coffees.
I was wondering if any body has an idea why their coffee goes over so well.
I personally don’t like it and go out of my way to find a better quality coffee


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Jun 9, 2007
I agree. I''m currently drinking Tim Horton''s, but I''ve grown to be sick of it. I keep going back to the hazelnut variety. Starbucks aren''t too bad, but there''s nothing great about it. And it''s expensive.

I''m also looking for other brands that are considered good that I can just buy from a grocery store, but I have no clue what they would be :(


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Jun 28, 2007
San Antonio, TX, USA
Tim Horton''s in Afghanistan

I recently got to try Tim Horton''s Coffee, not in Canada though, but in Afghanistan. Tim Horton''s has a shop set up on one of the coalition bases here.

There''s always a line, mostly Canadians, but - I''d estimate - about 1/3 of the customers are Americans and maybe another 1/10th are Europeans.

The donuts are outstanding, the coffee is above average for my tastes, but not \"coffee house quality.\" It''s far better than most restaurants and on par with most US donut shops (krispy kreme and dunkin), though the selection, as you''ve pointed out, is limited to a single roast. You can usually order darker roasts at krispy creme and dunkin donuts.

My favorite part was the way all the Canadians order. I''ll take a double-double\" or the like (one referring to sugar and the other to creme, I''m guessing. I take mine black so I did not get to use any fancy Tim Horton''s coffee slang when I ordered mine.

Kudos to Tim Horton''s for setting a shop up out here for all us to enjoy, and to give the Canadians serving out here with the rest of us a little taste of home!


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Aug 29, 2007
I actually maybe have an answer for this one. Tim Horton''s use 18% cream in their coffee while most other cafes use a light cream I think and a lot of people like the taste better. The most common order at a Timmy''s is a double double ... so ...