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Mar 23, 2010
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People usually tip in restaurants and they usually do not tip for fast food. Coffee shops are kind of "in-between". People aren't sure if they should tip for coffee or how much. For some coffee shops, a funny tip jar can be used to encourage people to leave tips.

I offer funny tip jar stickers on my website http://www.PhilTheTipJar.com/tip-jar-sayings.php.

I also offer advice for baristas to increase their tip income at http://www.PhilTheTipJar.com/barista-tips.php. If you have any other tips or advice that I should include, please let me know.
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Thanks for the suggestion. What I'm trying to build on with the BILT is based on three things:

1) There's an R-rated pop-culture slang term - MILF
2) BILT sounds like "built", like that guy or girl is well-built, so it is good for attractive baristas
3) Building on #2, there is a Commodore's song with the lyrics "She's a brick---house", meaning she is well-built. So I made the letters in BILT out of bricks.

Yeah, maybe it's too much, but it made me laugh when I thought of it, so I went with that. I also thought the "Phil the Tip Jar" was funny, thus the name. I'm actually Rick. I'm just going by my new alter-ego, Phil.