Too much information in a website?

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I stopped paying for ppc's while my main site is down and have had a few visits to my blog page, mostly from referring sites, but some organic searches as well.

Okay guys, here are some of my blogger stats from Google's Analytics:

Last 14 days, 189 visits
403 Page Views
65% Bounce Rate
Avg. Time on Site, 3:06

So, are these typical stats? Are people finding what they are looking for?
Any advice? Thanks.
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Since my post, two weeks ago, visits have declined dramatically for some reason. I was posting heavily in another forum a few weeks ago, that accounts for many of the referral links.

Does anyone else use Google's webmaster tools and understand them?
Are they accurate?
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That's great Davec, thanks for sharing. It looks just like mine, except yours shows a lot more visitors. On the map overlay option, I've noticed someone in Northampton, MA has been visiting my site every day, multiple times, for weeks. Why would someone do that? I asked Pangea if it was someone in their web design crew, working on my main site. Haven't heard back from them yet.
Davec, I have a non-coffee/non-website question for you. I'll pm you.
Anyway, another interesting tool is a Yahoo tracking tool I used to use on my main site. Regarding referral links like this one - I had higher visitor rates from this forum using a certain avatar, believe it or not. I experimented with various avatars for awhile and the results: Image sells. :wink:
Ccafe, thanks for the 7:33 look around. Funny, but I don't trust the "time on site" stats. Someone could have minimized the browser for your site and let it sit, open for a period of time. The page views however, Ccafe's 4 pages, tell the story more accurately.