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Nov 12, 2005
Tbilisi Georgia
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Could you please advise any tours to coffee plantations? I believe there should be some companies that organize it, or the farms themselves. Will be thankful if you could give me any info or details. Africa is prefered but the rest would be great too.


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Feb 28, 2008
Near Philadelphia, PA
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Hello "Temuri"

Last night I read an article in the new January/February issue of Sierra magazine titled "Destination: The Java". The article listed several web sites where you can get information about coffee tours.

This one is only an e-mail address for information:
[email protected]

I haven't checked any of these out yet. I hope they turn out to be helpful.



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Jul 26, 2008
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I can set up coffee tours to Tanzania. I have access to a house with six bedrooms in the foothills of Kilimanjaro, it is beautiful. I am toying with the idea of doing a two week trip, the first week being dedicated to coffee farms and the second on a safari. I was thinking of trying to get a group together for October. I run these through my roaster business, send me an e-mail if you want more information.


Nov 3, 2004
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You might also try the Specialty Coffee Association of America's Roasters Guild (, which offers organized origin tours each year. I do not believe that you must live within the USA to become a member of the guild, just be actively involved in the process of roasting coffee as a profession and pay the dues.

I'd also check with any coffee association in your country. I'm afraid that I'm not familiar with any in Georgia, but know that the Speciality Association of Europe does have chapters nearby in neighboring countries; you can find more info at

Hope that helps!