UK Business students need help

Clive Bullen

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Jan 6, 2006
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I work for a company that trains business students in London. The students have to sit a case study that this time is based on a fictional coffee shop chain. The US coffee shops industry is way in front of the UK so I'm interested in getting any ideas that you have about the case study. I'm sure that you are busy people so thanks for any help in advance.

In brief the coffee shop chain now has 18 stores in London after starting up 5 years ago. It is successful, generating £14m of revenue, split evenly between food and drink. It has plans to grow to 75 stores in 5 years time, with some of these started up in Europe. It has gone upmarket in its approach and is particularly targeting the 20 to 35 year old age group. It has just got funding from a venture capitalist and so everything appears rosy.

I'm interested in your views:

what are the risks involved? what is most likely to go wrong?
do you know any similar US chains?
is growth by acquisition, franchising or internal growth better?

I know that the market is different in some ways and wouldn't expect you to be an expert in any way. However all insights gratefully received.

Clive Bullen