Up in the Appalachian Mountains


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Jul 25, 2016
Asheville, NC
Greetings y'all,

Long time lurker and finally registered my account. May have actually had an account previously, but couldn't find whatever old email address that was attached to it. Anyhow after five years of initially being inspired to open a cafe/drive coffee business, I'm finally on my way to coming full circle. I had moved a few times in those years, got into renovating a foreclosure, finally settled in Asheville, NC for good, and got involved in building handpans. Now after freeing myself up financially and deciding to keep handpan building as a side project, I'm ready to move forward with a drive-thru coffee and breakfast business.

As far as my experience goes I've worked in hospitality for about a decade, three of which were spent as a barista. I've taken a number of training classes with Counter Culture Coffee out of Raleigh, NC, and am now registered for a 6 week program with a local non-profit which helps small businesses get started up. I'm now in the lovely process of planning this whole shindig and piecing together the business plan.