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May 10, 2022
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Hello Everyone

I'm Vig and I have been just introduced to the coffee roasting not too long ago and I am loving it. I was in an office environment all along and I knew so little about the whole Science and Art of coffee till, thanking my lucky stars, stumbled upon this lovely mechanism called Coffee Roasting.

There is just so much to it and when I think I know something about roasting just well is when I realise that I have just scratched the tip of the ice berg - amazing, just WOW! And I am even loving this platform that puts all like-minded folks together to share and learn about the roasting Connoisseur and enjoy our euphoric cupping of all sorts of coffee...

This is so exciting and am happy that i have ventured into this field!

I find the roasting culture uniquely calming and will try to make it a way of my life :)

Happy to hear from you guys to share more knowledge about myself and the Roasting Connoisseur!

Take care and cheers!
Vignash Naidu
e and FB: [email protected]
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