Venturing into coffee world.........please help!

... venturing into coffee

Hi Jen,

By now you've received enough information to make your head spin. So I won't offer any more choices on coffees. I have but two points:

Many people have trouble distinguishing between bitter coffee and acidic coffee. I learned long ago that a fine high acidity coffee in the mouths of many people will bring the criticism that it is too bitter. Actually, it is not bitter at all. Just acidic.

Grind does make a difference. In conducting cuppings for clients, I will often choose a roasted bean that seems to make sense, according to their conversation about likes and dislikes. With that one bean I can make many profiles by adjusting the grind mill and the portion size. So try grinding a little more coarsely and make your portion size larger. See if that helps to smooth things out.



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Dec 27, 2007
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If it''s acidity and there''s a stomach issue, you might also try a different approach to the brew method entirely. A cold-brew process like that used by the \"toddy\" offer a lower acidity and are easier for people with ailments such as stomach ulcers to handle.

Also, since this process makes something closer to a ''coffee concentrate'' you can then add water to taste depending on how strong you like it. While I don''t think the cold brew system is for everyone, your wife may find it quite enjoyable. This is in addition to, not in place of, finding a good bean, grind, etc-- though that will also change based on the process.


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Aug 10, 2011
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Yes Jen C, I am in fact familiar with a low acidic coffee and what makes it low acidic. Infrared roasted coffee is much less acidic than regularly heat roasted coffee. It also tends to have a much better flavor to it as well. I can recommend an infrared roasted coffee to you that is also 100% organic. I think it could be a good fit for you and your honey. The coffee is called BSkinny Thermogenic Fat Burning Coffee. I drink this coffee and I am quite impressed with it considering it has never left me with heartburn or that awful feeling in my stomach or throat. Definitely check it out and do some research on it. This is a company site that could get you started. Welcome

I hope that this helps you find what you are looking for, if not I wish you the best on your search.

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