Wanted a new coffee maker.


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Mar 8, 2017
I have a 12 cup home Gevalia coffee maker my ex got a dozen or so years ago. After a minor repair to a temp fuse it's worked well.

My problem with it is the clock.

It's dinky, and unlit and worst of all it resets to 12:00 on every power glitch we get here in South Florida from our power company called not so affectionately Florida Flicker and Flash, or as the stock holders know it Florida Power and Light.

So I want a new machine but one with a fairly large LIT LED / LCD display WITH a battery or capacitor type backup for the time and start brew settings.

I checked all the brick and mortar stores and found ONE with a lit display but it was tiny (~ a .5" display) and no backup to the clock.

Has any company made a coffee maker like the one I want? I can live with what I have so it's not imperative I change unless I can get the things I want from a new one. A large lit clock, with battery backup, and hopefully a 7 day schedule timer.

It seems like every maker is in a race downhill to make cheaper models with espresso, K cup, and coffee multi machines which I have zero use for.