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Oct 4, 2007
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We've been using Yahoo! Web Hosting for years. They offer the Yahoo! Sitebuilder program for customizing our site. It's easy to learn and use, but customers have to log in to their Yahoo! account before ordering. Most people don't have Yahoo! accounts, so I think this turns many potential customers away.

I'm looking into using Pangea for our website now. For about what I'm paying now, they offer free site redesign, free logo design, search engine submittal and easy transfer from current host provider. I previewed their portfolio of current websites, but none were food service related. Just airline, automotive and tech sites.

Anyone use Pangea? If not, who do you use or recommend? Any comments are welcomed, good or bad. Thank you.
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I use Mocha Host. They do have templates and things. I designed my own and then I learned Dreamweaver and if I ever get the time I am going to redesign it. I think their price is 44.95 a year and it includes a permanent domain name included as long as you renew each year.
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Thanks Jim, Mocha seems like a decent host. Reasonable cost too, compared to what I pay now.
Do you use the Soho, Business or the Mocha plan?
The Bus. and Mocha both offer e-commerce.
How important is it to have a blog? All the hosts want you to get one for some reason.
I already use blogger.com and just link it to my site.
BTW - Check your mail at myspace dude. :D
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I think I must use the Mocha plan. I have eCommerce although I haven't figured out how to do it yet, I just use paypal. My blog is on wordpress that I link to from my site. I forgot I had one until the other day. It is a good way to generate hits to your site and hopefully sales although you are not supposed to be blateant about promoting your site in a blog.
I use MidPhase

I use MidPhase for my website. Their uptime is over 99% and their response time for any problems is very quick. We have e-commerce enabled on our site and it has worked flawlessly. You can choose from ZenCart, OsCommerce or CubeCart for ecommerce. MidPhase also offers website design. They will design 5 pages for $299 or you can design your own site using their site builder software which is very robust.
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I just cancelled with Yahoo and signed up with Pangea under a new domain name. I'm excited about all that they offer for $45 per month.
I'm directing traffic to our blog for now, which lists our toll free number for orders and inquiries.

Our new site will be: (link deleted by poster)

Berkshire Biscotti is our corporate name.
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Okay, that wasn't very bright.

I had Yahoo release the original domain name and now Pangea is working on it:

That's better.
It still might take awhile for the transfer to complete.

I hope this temporary issue doesn't inconvenience those who have traded links with me.
My wife an I are currently working on an informational coffee site. I am a web designer and have recently started hosting myself via dedicated server from GoDaddy. I can offer all members of this forum a 10% discount from what you are paying for your current web hosting.

Please contact me if you would like to know more about my design and hosting packages.

[email protected]
Once you self-host, you won't go back.

I have a box co-located in Tera-byte.com

Costs $62 / mo. and I can host as many sites as I can fit on it! It's my box and I am root.

I would never use a hosting service again.
I have a dedicated server that is mine and mine alone. It is the best way to go after you start making enough $ off your site.
I started with a Yahoo Store and switched to Glowhost after a year. I use OsCommerce for a store platform and Wordpress for my blog and information pages.

It is always a lot of time to maintain a sites looks and running smooth so I would suggest a host that gives you the support you need for all the hardware. I can not speak highly enough about the GREAT service that I get from Glowhost!