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Mar 7, 2003
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Welcome to the Coffee Forums, a site devoted to discussion of coffee, coffee beans, espresso, coffee makers and everything else coffee oriented. Coffee Forums is an open discussion site for coffee lovers to talk about the drink that powers many people’s lives.

When posting to this forum devoted to Coffee please submit your posts to the appropriate discussion board, if for some reason your message does not fall under any of the main categories submit it to Coffee Table, this is the general discussion group for the board, a highly active caffeinated discussion thread.

Please keep your posts clean and on topic, and of course make sure to follow the rules that power this board. Spam free and on topic is our goal. We do not infest coffee forums with pop-up ads, and membership is free of charge. By registering for an account you’re eligible to partake in special discussion which guests do not have access to. Register today if you haven’t already!

You can talk about anything coffee, your comments are your words and you may be opinionated however try to be respectful to others and keep the conversation intelligent.

The site is run by the Coffee Administrators: CoffeeLover & Rowley
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