Wet vs. Dry caps What is right??


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It's hard to tell customers we have no grande cappuccino, and we don't use the term grande period, and we have neither caramel macchiato nor criminal macchiato and watch them walk out of door. But if I just serve what Starbucks or Ducan’ Donuts are serving, then I and letting someone else set the standard. For me at least, life is much easier when the Italian barbers in town would rather walk two extra blocks to my place by passing Starbucks, and Ducan’ Donuts, and tell everyone ElPugDiablo makes espresso and cappuccino the right way.

As far as how to communicate and educate the public, I find humor works well. I have a FAQ and coffee factoid board where I post interesting facts about coffee so people can learn about Kopi Luwak as well as the origin of cappuccino.


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Jun 9, 2005
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celement... A 24oz capp huh?? Is that legal? LOL :lol: I'd love to try that sometime. But I would NEVER order that around here Id get a latte FOR SURE!!!