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Dec 1, 2006
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I am in the process of locating a spot for my drive thru. I have contacted a few coffee companies. I asked for samples, but most wont send free ssamples. I am just curious, if someone wants there product sold, I would believe that free samples would not be a problem. I am wondering you anyone else got the same treatment? Also, let me know your favorite coffee. Thank you.
Sampling coffee before you have your shop built will not accurately represent its taste. Wait until your site is nearly completed: water treatment system and extraction equipment installed.

Minute variations in water quality, including chlorine, pH balance, mineral hardness and silicates will substantially alter the taste of any coffee - this is before you even start to consider the affect of equipment. Most roasters know this.

Most roasters also know that only a small fraction of those "interested" in starting a coffee business are in a position (financially or otherwise) to do so. Get your site first; you'll then find that they will be much more receptive to your requests.
...also, if you understand protocols for cupping; offer to visit the roaster's location and attend or conduct a cupping session. This will give you a far more objective assessment of their buying and roasting quality.