What's Similiar to Jamacian Blue Mountain?


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Feb 28, 2008
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Over the past ten years or so, one of the coffees that I enjoy and recommend to people has always been Jamacian Blue Mountain.

The price has risen tremendously recently to where it's difficult for many folks to afford to buy the roasted beans on a regular basis.

Is there any coffee that you've discovered that's close to being similar to Jamacian Blue Mountain in flavor, body, aroma, etc.? I'm thinking I should be looking for a substitute coffee that's a well-balanced medium roast.

Has anyone found a coffee (or blend) that's similar (or comes close) to Jamacian Blue Mountain?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

havent tried the Jamacian Blue Mountain though but have heard of it also....and heard that it is quite good too...am looking forward to trying it, do you have any idea where i could get one nearby? thanx
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I really doubt that you'd find a coffee house that serves real Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. It's very expensive, and the price keeps going up. Many people like it because it has a "perfect balance of flavor, taste and aroma" which comes from rare coffee beans harvested in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica.

If you do a Google search for Jamaican Blue Mountain, you'll see a variety of prices going as far up as $80 a pound. That's why many people are looking for another type of coffee bean (that's close to being like Jamaican Blue Mountain) as an alternative.

From what I've been reading, the Papua New Guinea coffee (that Topher suggested) may turn out to be the best choice as a replacement for Jamaican Blue Mountain.

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Hello Topher and Alun,

Thank you so much for suggesting that I try the Papua New Guinea coffee!
I recently had a chance to try it (in a medium roast) and I have to say that it was surprisingly good!

The Papua New Guinea certainly was very similar to Jamaican Blue Mountain. It had a very rich aroma and a "perfectly balanced" taste. It also had a pleasant lingering flavor - including what seemed to be a hint of chocolate as the coffee cooled in the cup! I was very impressed. I think I have finally found a perfect substitute for the Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee.

I am happy, happy, happy!!!

Thanks again for your help.