what''s the choise of beans?


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Feb 10, 2008
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My girlfriend and I just started a mobile coffee business. We go to different markets selling all kinds of espresso drinks.
I need some opinion on what brand of beans should we use since we only do 3 days a week to keep beans fresh?


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Aug 15, 2005
Central North Carolina
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I don't agree with Lavazza or Illy. Both are overpriced and stale when received. Illy has an fantastic operation if you are buying and using them the same week, but by the time they make it here they're trash. I'd say buy wholesale (if possible) from places like Intelligentsia, Metropolis, Counter Culture, etc. You'll have much better results and happier customers. Later!

John P

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Jan 5, 2007
Salt Lake City
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Alun is right.

When a well known vendor was in Italy testing some machines, a worker pulled a shot for him and he remarked, "Tastes like sh!t, must be Lavazza."
The worker frowned.... it was Lavazza.

Source local if it's good, not all localities have good roasters. Test it first.
But that would be the best place to start.
Even if there is no local-local roaster of quality in your town, I would bet there would be a handful to chose from within a 50-100km radius from where you are based. John and I are not Italian bashing, as some Italian roasters I have had the privillage of visiting and cupping are excellent. However generally these brands are smaller and regional- you often do not see them even nationally in Italy...somewhat similar to the quality local roasters found anywhere around the world.