Where did the smell and taste of real coffee go?


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Jul 19, 2007
Raleigh, NC
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Am I the only one? When I was a lot younger, I can remember my father making his morning coffee. The wonderful smell would overtake the entire house, just like when you walk through the coffee aisle at the grocery store. And the taste... Oh, the long lost taste of a rich, smooth cup of coffee flavored coffee. No cream, no sugar, no flavorings, just a great cup of coffee. I know many people will use the reasoning that a persons senses change as they age. But I have talked to many people who are in the same boat as me. Has anybody had luck roasting, brewing, and drinking an "old school" cup of good coffee.

I have tried many different store bought and specialty bought beans. I have a good burr grinder and have used both traditional brewing methods along with cold brew systems.

What is the answer to making a non-bitter, rich, smooth, great smelling, great tasting cup of coffee?


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Jun 28, 2007
San Antonio, TX, USA
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Have you tried Green Mountain Columbian Supremo Popayan? It has one of the most room filling aromas of any coffee I've tried, and reminds me of my youth when the folks would brew a pot of joe in the morning. It's a very light roast, which is probably what most of our folks brewed when we were young since all that was available back then to most folks was grocery store stuff in a canister (though my dad, being a native Italian, often made some dark roasted Italian coffee in a moka pot on the stove in addition to the folgers stuff they brewed in the drip maker - and it imparted a completely different aroma).

I think you're on to something when you suggested that the sensitivity of our sense of smell diminishes over time. It seems to me, as my taste as matured, that the coffees I drink now are more rich and flavorful than anything my folks brewed when I was a child, however, I rarely experience that overwhelming (in a good way) rush of coffee smell that I used to.

Now, when I drink coffee my folks brew during visits, I think it is rather weak and flavorless and the strong aroma is gone - which further supports the theory that the only thing that's changed is me and not the coffee.

However, upon opening that GMCR Columbian Popayan the other day, I was brought back to when my senses were more keen. It's quite a coincidence that you made this post so shortly after my first exposure to this coffee - as I was thinking along the same lines when I first tried it.