Which B2C under £1,000


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Sep 18, 2022
Kingsclere, Hampshire
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Good morning, to all,

which is the best B2C under £1,000? After watching, and reading reviews, I am much inclined towards the DeLonghi Soul, but open to change my mind. These are the priorities:
1. Grinder output that can be used, separately, to brew filter/pour-over.
2. all-in-one operation
3. Size (small is better)
4. quality of coffee based drinks (*) as cappuccino or caffé'e latte

A big, big, big plus if the beans grinder can be used, separately, to grind beans for use in a separate filter brewer. Thank you in advance for offering me your time and expertise.


(*) espresso will never be brewed, as it is NOT liked, in itself, in the household.
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