Which Coffee do you like most?


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May 15, 2021
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The best green beans I've roasted (consistent roast, good flavor at a light roast) was a bulk dump off sale of a Guatamala blend from Genuine Origin. I think it was $1.60/lb in a 70# box. I wish I could go back in time and buy a few more boxes.


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Mar 8, 2021
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Right now I have 2 contenders: Costa Rica Heredia and and El Salvador’s Bourbon Naturale, both from the Green Coffee Company, my roasts, in a Whirley Pop to medium and prepped in either a Barista Express as a strong Americano or, using same grind and dose (20.5 gms), in an Aeropress. Yum 🤤

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I wouldn't want to be limited to any one coffee, but, put a gun to my head, and I'm choosing an Ethiopian, probably Yirgacheffe.

Oh, and filter drip, V60 style.

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Let me start with the beginning. You cant make good coffee with lousy water. Go to Walmart and buy their "Spring Water" in the plastic jug. While in Walmart go to the coffee section and buy the "100% Arabica" Walmart coffee in the red can. Make a pot of it using 10% more coffee grounds than you normally use.

The point is that this is real good and while the coffee actually is high quality the test points out that the quality of the water is no less important. There can be no chlorine, amonia or, the other stuff that usually flow down the pipes from a tap. Whenever city water becomes imbalanced it will dissolve whatever has built up in the pipe over a few decades and maybe some iron or rust from the pipe as well. If you must use tap water the invest in a sediment filter and a GAC (granulated activated charcoal) filter. Put he water through the sediment filter first them the GAC filter. Now you can get good results from your favorite brew at home and you can fairly rate coffee and machines.

The Walmart Coffee, when fresh from the can or freezer (store it there because it stops the action of Oxygen). is much better than average.

Also taste your paper coffee filters if you tadte annything buy something else

Cheers........I love coffee
You pay a lot of attention to the details of brewing, and that's great. But you're using pre-ground coffee, and that will cost you in terms of freshness. By the time you get to the bottom of the bag/can, you can probably tell that it's no longer fresh. You'll get greater freshness if you grind the beans just before brewing. Ground coffee is a convenience, but those beans oxidize much more quickly once you grind them and expose all of their surface area to the atmosphere.
Small hand grinders are not very expensive. Or spend about $200 for a Baratza Encore electric grinder, and let it do the grinding for you. It will serve you for years, and the difference in the cup is well worth the cost.
(If you're nuts like me, you buy the beans green, roast them at home and enjoy peak freshness every day.)

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I just "liked" a post, only to see that it's more than a decade old. Hehe
Still true, though!

Gimme dem green beans, every time :)
The best way to get the freshest coffee is to roast it your self. :)


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Aug 14, 2003
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Alun! Glad to see you're still around!! I went to a place in Miami that the whole back wall was espresso grinders. They had more than 15 single origins. I get the schtick...but what about the coffee that isn't popular. I feel you would be throwing out a lot of stale coffee. I think its a neat concept but when I walk in a shop I want to see what they think is the best seeing its their shop.