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Jan 4, 2005
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recently i´ve decided to buy a new coffee machine, probably a jura. now i have the problem to decide which one is the best for me; this is quite hard because there are too much different models :?
having studied a few tests and websites, the decision didn´t become more easy. i only need the machine to make latte macchiato, cappucino or espresso. also quite important is the price - everythig over the F90 is too expensive.

does andybody has an idea which one would be best?


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Jan 11, 2005
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recently purchased Jura F9

I just finnished researching this same issue for the past three weeks covering every review and website I could find on these machines.I know exactly what you are going through it's very frustrating plus it seems a lot of money for a coffee maker lol(At least thats the responces I recieved from friends and family who now think I am crazy)I went with the F9 after serious thought on the S7 and was still concerned till the day I received my new F9.I purchased it on Ebay brand new in the box for 1500.00 dollers a huge savings but not without a few sleepless nights about what I would receive for my hard earned money.I was thrilled the minute I opened the box a high quality machine new and well built .Very easy to operate, everything as advertised.I am a coffee and espresso drinker but not a person looking for a God Shot or perfection,Just better than I get at Starbucks and consistant.This machine overachieves in all those respects and is fun to operate and looks terrific.No mess easy clean up and the touch screen is wonderful I can't imagine why anyone would buy the S series due to the look and lack all chrome front.The plastic will wear and the S series will look worn in a year where the F wipe up nice and no buttons to puch after programing.You put your finger up to the touch screen no pressure required and the machine does the rest.I know about the double heater and such but there are tricks to get a hotter shot or brew and when all is said and done it's too hot to drink out of the gate anyway why look for hotter your only brewing one cup.I hope this is of help to you in your purchase I believe it was worth every penny and that is hard to say, I really felt I had made a mistake before I used this machine.I read about other brands and I am sure they are good as well but you see so many refurbished and remanufactured units one might think they have lots of issues.Not the case with the Jura.Let me know how you like whatever unit you decide upon.


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Jan 12, 2005
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The jura E8 will likely meet the needs of 99% of us. The S7,S8,S9 have a few more features, the dual thermoblock being most notable. The F9/F9LE have the same single heater as the E8. All the specs can be confusing so I made a couple phone calls one to Capresso and one to a Coffee expert. The coffee expert said that the S7 S8 and S9 were the best of the Fully automatics. My S7 is shipping Jan 12 along with some coffee form Italy, imported green by this expert.

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