Which way up when re-installing the group head screen?


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Jun 14, 2005
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I removed the group head screen on my machine (to clean it) and did not notice which side of the screen was up/down. The screen has a smooth side and the other side is indented at each hole. Does it matter which side is pointed up/down when it is installed. If if does matter, which side goes up/down?

I have a Estro 410 espresso machine but I presume that this question applies to most espresso machines.
what I know ???

:roll: I would describe the two sides a little different. For example the side that goes down or faces the harsh barista world is the hard shinny side, the smooth or fine screen side is the side that goes up or faces the hot wet water world. Also, check the screw hole, the out side is usually countersunk. But what do I know I’ve only been open three weeks. :lol:
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Thanks for the response. I appreciate your taking the time to answer forum questions.

Unfortunately, I'm not quite sure which sides on my screen match your description of "hard shiny side" and "smooth or fine screen side." Perhaps the screen on my Estro 410 is different than your screen. I can best describe the sides on my screen as "flat and smooth" on one side and "dimpled or indented at each hole" on the other side. The screen is totally flat with no indentation at the screw hole to indicate orientation. Also, the shine is the same on both sides.

If someone has a screen on their machine similar to what I describe, let me know which way you have it installed. Also, if it is your opinion that it doesn't much matter which side is up/down and that I am asking about unimportant minutia, then I appreaciate that opinion too. It's easy to overly obsess over such matters when it comes to making espresso.