whole/lowfat/skim comparisons?

Jumpin Java Bean

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May 27, 2005
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I walked into an Einstein Bros bagel shop yesterday and found a limited java menu, dispensed from an super automatic machine operated by teenagers pushing buttons. I thought I'd try some anyway, ordered a latte, and was asked "skim or 2%?" I said "whole milk, please," and was told that it was not available. I told the presumed franchise manager (who was taking the orders, only person in the shop over 19) that I'd never heard of a coffee shop not even offering what I considered the ingredients of a normal latte, and he informed me, rather smugly, that "There are 485 of us who do not."

Apart from the comic-tragic aspects of this statement, and unperturbed myself about the impact of 485 prohibitionists on the hundreds of thousands of places to get a cup of joe, it did trigger a curiosity about what the normal sales ratio is out there, between skim, lowfat, and whole milk drinks. Can anybody offer a little insight from their own shop sales?


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Apr 17, 2005
Modesto, CA
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70% whole,
25% non fat,
05% two percent,

And we do carry all three...we don't offer anything in the selection process meaning my baristas don't often ask unless the customer says something like "no whip" on a mocha. If they give us a hint then we might ask if they want non fat - we never offer 2% and use it only for those who ask.

Taste is different....I would not want someone getting a non fat that didn't ask for it - I had to terminate a barista for doing that just because she was too lazy to get our a new gallon when she ran out of whole she'd use her NF until she ran out.