Yoshan Roaster & artisan problem. HELP


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Jan 2, 2022
United States
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Hello. I just got my yoshan dy-1 roaster And have been setting it up. I I am hooking my roaster up to my HP windows 10 laptop. The roaster did not come with a manual or a manual on how to set up artisan. I went to the artist and website and download it drivers to get started. Although artisans did not list a specific driver that the Yoshan roaster uses. When I hook the roaster up to my laptop, and start artisan everything seems to be normal. My temperature readings are showing up on my laptop as they are on the roaster which is normal. I go to start the roast and everything is still normal, but my problem occurs when I hit the ignite button for the gas on my roaster. When I hit the ignite button the temperature read outs on my arson profile on my laptop disappear and show “u.u” In the temperature read out spots. It also says “modbus communication error” in the top left-hand corner. I will reset artisan and the temperatures will show back up as normal until I hit the ignite button again and then the problem occurs all over. Im assuming my driver is correct or it wouldn’t even show the temps in the beginning? Has this ever happened to anyone? Or does anyone have any idea on how to fix this?

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