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Dec 8, 2004
Billings, MT
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We are getting ready to celebrate our One Year Anniversary on 8/18. Anyone have any clever ideas (that doesn't give the farm away) that we can do for our customers in celebrating?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!.

Thank you,

Rock Creek Coffee Roasters
wow, it's been a year already! that's great!

If you are planning on having a party, how about giving away one free raffle ticket with any espresso drink purchase during the week before, then you can have an evening party or something where you have some fun raffle prizes, i.e. $20 gift certificates, 1 Free panini, etc. Then have one winner win something like Free coffee for a month or year (with limitations of course) product is always the best thing to give away. Plus if you can draw in 100 people you should be able to cover the costs of your giveaways that night. Printed travel mugs and t-shirts are always fun too.

congrats on the anniversary!

- matt